About US

You’ve just declared an interest to start a career in the most vibrant, active and exciting industry but have no idea which direction to head? Associated General contractors of America student chapter at Florida International University (AGC FIU) are here to guide you in the right direction. To reach to the top, you should be able to network, overcome challenges, be a team player, and give back to the community. If you get the idea then AGC FIU is definitely for you. We are here to educate students about the construction industry and help them build character. JOIN TODAY!!!


Our Mission

• To be an open forum for an exchange of ideas.

• To be an entry vehicle into AGC promoting member involvement.

• To foster strong networks between members.

• To create and promote industry innovation.

• To discuss crucial issues within the industry and how they relate to the up and coming professional.

• To involve members in the community, fostering a positive image of the construction industry to society’s institutions.

• Provide the leadership for the industry into the 21st century.


Vision Statement

“To create a community for smart, talented and honorable students to help each other make a difference in the society and have fun while learning and building”.

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