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Executive board members

President(Gustavo Castro): Leads the meetings. Meets with faculty advisor on agenda of meetings, delegates to other officers and facilitates group functions, serves as representative of group to local chapter, the school and students, provides programming ideas. Should keep aware of what is going on in community that would be relevant for student designers, and provide them with information.

Vice-President(Eduardo Martinez): Assists the president, if president is absent performs president duties.

Secretary(Vacant): Keeps agenda records, documentation of meetings on file, records documentation/summaries of events and activities. These records should be shared with the faculty advisor and the education chair of the local chapter. Attend CSO events with director of communications if possible.

Treasurer(Piero Casareto): Takes money at events. Provides treasurer's report at meeting and assists faculty advisor in keeping track of funds. Not required to hold funds.

Director of Communications(Aaron Duty): Keeps the student members reminded of ongoing progress and upcoming events. Keeps school, department faculty and students informed of group events and activities. Responsible for communicating with other communication directors of student groups. Communication is cornerstone of a successful student group. Use e-mail!! Every student member should have an e-mail address. One suggestion is to utilize YahooGroups! (A free e-group service) This service makes it possible to send out group messages easily, keep records of communication, post announcements, bulletins, create an online calendar, etc.

Programming Officer(Gregory Jean): When events and activities are decided upon, this officer outlines the necessary steps, appoints a chairperson, and keeps in close contact with progress and reports to the board. Stays current and reports on what local chapter is doing. Generates ideas, looks for programming within school, in cooperation with other schools, and involving community

Membership Officer(VACANT): Assists faculty advisor in distributing and collecting applications keeps record of membership and contact information for each member.

Newsletter editor(VACANT): works with the school newspaper and other communication outlets to publish our accomplishments or events and advertise upcoming events. Should also be able to update articles on our blog site

Graphic designer(VACANT): work on flyer for events, poster boards for occasion, updating website, blogs and similar categories. This position should be someone with a creative mind full of ideas and talented in design.

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