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Month of January Meeting

January 9, 2012



Meeting started at 3:31pm

Roll call: None was called but 15 people showed up. We have five new members.

Last meeting minutes: This is the first meeting for the semester so no last meeting minutes was read.

Executive Reports:


“I am currently working with the Kiwanis club, USGBC student group, ABC and SLC to form a stronger foundation. Also I am working with Dr. Zhu on the China solar decathlon 2013. I am not going to be able to give out the new membership cards but eventually, everyone that contributes to the club will get one. We have a new position description list that is going to be posted on our site.”


Guest: Professor, Dr. Yimin Zhu (Solar decathlon advisor)

Our guest has been speaking about the competition that involves student of FIU and Chinese students to competing on the best solar decathlon project.


Next Events:

We will have a guest speaker every month

Plan on doing more activities with other chapters like the local chapter and/or nationwide chapter

Proposal to start Mentor to mentee program.

Student library: donate books and help members out

Make room for people from other majors such as media, journalism and business…



Meet residents and recruit underclassmen

Create calendar for the club events (pending)

Increase club involvement and reputation

Create YouTube videos for meetings and events


New business:

Still trying to find our newsletter editors

Our new membership cards are finally here from the nationwide chapter

We need people to APPLY for the positions

China Solar decathlon 2013 marketing committee (SIGN UP)


Upcoming activities:

This month guest speaker (Marco Ferriera 99) 01/25/2012 6:30pm

Another group meeting is scheduled on 01/23/2012 at 3:00pm

Frost museum program in April

Create workshops and professional events (bi-monthly)

Field trips-Martin Luther king service day

Faculty appreciation week (cards, one day of the week, organize a feast) in April


Questions & comments:

What are we going to do with members that are not active? “Keep doing what we do best and have fun while doing it” Emmanuel Okwor


Meeting adjourned: 4:05pm


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