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   Florida International University

 Associated General Contractors of America – Student Chapter at FIU

Meeting Minutes

Month of March  

Date 03/05/2012

Time 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Meeting started at 2:12pm


Roll call:

Emmanuel Okwor – Present

Eduardo Martinez – Present

Charlie Hall – Excused

Piero Casareto – Excused

Soledad Berbel – Excused

Tania Dillon – Excused

Aaron Duty – Absent

Jorge Munoz – Excused

Natalia Escobar – Excused

Gustavo Castro – Present

Natassicia Pemberton – Excused

Robert Smith – Excused

James Sotirescu – Excused (tardy)

Denis smith – Excused

Zamar Negron – Absent

Andres Saavedra – Absent


Last meeting minutes: Last meeting minutes was read Emmanuel Okwor and seconded by Gustavo Castro


Executive Reports:

President: Working on getting the new E-board members ready for the 2012/2013 term. I’m also working on the ACIC event.

Vice president: Solar decathlon and working with the president to coordinate the events.

Secretary: Position is currently vacant

Treasurer: working on filing for funds for marketing promos.


Current affairs:

  • New marketing strategies: For the remainder of the semester we are going to do a few jobsite visit (titan America, Odebretch, Moss and associates). Creating flyers and posting around campus. James and Robert will be tabling on Wednesday 11am-1pm.
  • How to spend our funds wisely: We have $625. PENDING VOTES.
  1. Reimburse Piero for paying out of pocket: $15 (will change according to receipt)
  2. Polo shirts: $300 (E-board only: 15ea)
  3. Giveaway shirts: $150 (25ea)
  4. Food and snacks: $160 (for storage) Marcelo.
  • E-board members’ exit/replacement strategy: No elections will be held for the upcoming term. This minutes meeting will supersede the bylaw and constitution.
  • Faculty involvement with the chapter: We will be contacting more professors to help promote our club and activities.
  • CSO representative: Bobby will be attending the upcoming CSO meeting and I will be filing for report.
  • Our involvement in school politics or SGA (student government association): We will be helping the candidate run for SGA position.
  • The ACIC event might be going to be cancelled or postponed: We might end up postponing the event to the end of summer. We are going to rework the planning strategies. We have to do more invitation to find out the best time to work with students and a head count.


New business:

ABC student chapter (status update): If they get the club started and running again then we would help them get together and collaborate on events.


Open discussion: No discussions


Meeting adjourned: 3:45pm

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